Eldon Stock Farm, comprised of 7,100 acres, may well be the largest land holding to become available in the Mid-Atlantic Region for many years.  It has been held in the same strong and thoughtful ownership since 1961 and was patiently assembled in 60 transactions – a feat never to be repeated in the future.
The Farm is located in quiet and historic Rappahannock County.  George Washington, at age 17, surveyed the county seat which today bears his revered name.  The “original Washington” is also home to the globally renowned Inn at Little Washington.
Eldon Stock Farm’s land is stunning.  The terrain contains a remarkable combination of open productive meadows and healthy stands of hardwood trees.  It is punctuated by seven mountains which provide inspiring views of the magnificent Blue Ridge Mountains and the bucolic country side surrounding this singular kingdom.
Eldon’s revenue stream – derived from an 800-head cattle herd, sustainable harvesting of timber, and selective hunting leases – provide enough income to pay operating expenses and some capital improvements.  The real property taxes currently average just $6.84 per acre.
The fortunate successor who assumes the Farm’s scepter will experience great rewards – there is much yet to accomplish.  It stands ready for further enhancement of wildlife resources, cattle herd improvement, and even thoughtful conservation of spectacular, unsullied landscapes not to be duplicated anywhere.
The next placement of a sensitive personal imprimatur on Eldon Stock Farm will contribute meaningfully to its storied history while continuing to preserve a large and notable piece of the Nation’s heritage springing from the inspired efforts of George Washington and his fellow Founding Fathers.



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