Montana Ranches, Farms, and Recreational Properties for Sale

While Montana is often called “Big Sky Country”, it could also be described as “Big Land Country”. Montana has appealed to those seeking a personal connection with the Great American West.  Charlie Russell and a fine handful of writers such as Ivan Doig have portrayed Montana with such magnetism that few seasoned travelers haven’t been drawn to the State – following the way West blazed by the intrepid Meriwether Lewis & William Clark and their magnificent Corps of Discovery.

The Continental Divide separates Western Montana, with its many other forested mountain ranges, from the balance of the State which is characterized by rolling plains punctuated by very attractive smaller mountain ranges which jump surprizingly to inspiring heights.  Central and Eastern Montana contain some of the finest high-protein “hard grass” range land in the Nation along with vast reaches of productive dry farm wheat land in North America.

The Yellowstone, Beaverhead, Clark’s Fork, Big Horn, Ruby, Flathead, Stillwater, Kootenai, Whitefish, Gallatin, Jefferson, Missouri first come to mind; however, innumerable smaller streams and year ’round creeks bless Montana with reliable crop irrigation water and ample flows for livestock and abundant wildlife.  All of this water has provided great attraction and enjoyment for fisherman for 130 years. Delightfully, in the last four or five decades, adventurous ladies have proven that their sensitive touch with fly rods on Montana’s rewarding waters will hold up in many dinner conversations after full days in McKenzies or walk-and-wading personal-sized stretches and stalking wild trout on gin-clear spring creeks.

In the past 49 years, Patrick Bates has been the principal and responsible broker on about 80 transactions on significant-sized and notable ranches in Montana. Most of the transactions closed under his banner have been over 3,000 acres in size. Many have encompassed from 8,000 to 150,000 deeded acres.

Reputable ranch-farm-land brokerage firms in the Big Sky State will attest to the integrity, commitment and skills possessed by the seasoned associates at Bates Land Consortium. Patrick Bates has led this unique fraternity in establishing a culture of graciously and generously sharing commissions. This said, the firm does not countenance pretenders who do not possess solid principal-agent relationships with genuine clients.

Founded in 1970, Bates Land Consortium serves carefully selected Sellers and highly qualified Buyers in ranch, farm, recreational, and commercial property transactions in the Western States. The firm has also been selected to handle significant transactions in several other regions of the country.

Bates Land Consortium enjoys an exceptional reputation of high performance and impeccable integrity in serving our clients. The firm also values strong cooperating relationships with reputable land brokers in the profession.

Bates Land Consortium has closed 640 transactions – encompassing nearly 2,600,000 acres of deeded land – approaching $2.70 billion in total value.


Patrick Bates Sold New Mexico's Singular and Historic 290,000-Acre Bell Ranch – One of the Nation's Most Iconic, All-Deeded and Totally Contiguous Ranching Empires.

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