The Brown Farms located near Soda Springs in Southeastern Idaho’s reputable malt barely production belt represents a rare opportunity to acquire a successful farming operation of up to 2,822 deeded and farmable acres. Approximately 2,469 acres of productive dry farm land produce impressive yields of malt barley, feed barley, winter wheat and mustard and about 353 acres of irrigated land produce high-quality alfalfa hay.
Typical yields include malt barley at 65 bushels per acre, feed barley at 65 bushels per acre, winter wheat at 60 bushels per acre and mustard at 20 bushels per acre. The Brown Farms productive dry farm land is truly unique because it is not subject to the the traditional dry farming cycle requiring 50% summer fallow. Typically only 300-400 acres are fallowed.
Individual parcels may be purchased at values of $2,200 to $4,000 per acre.
The Brown Farms are conveniently located to malt barley markets only 112 miles from Idaho Falls and enjoy good access to highways and interstate freeways for shipping convenience and efficiency.
The location is also proximate to hunting and fishing and numerous recreational opportunities, including the Blackfoot Reservoir (5 miles), Lava Hot Springs (30 miles), Bear Lake (50 miles), and the Palisades Reservoir (80 miles).
In addition, the Brown Farms are located conveniently to major cities and resort communities including Pocatello, ID (67 miles), Logan, UT (84 miles), Jackson Hole, WY (100 miles), Driggs, ID (120 miles) and Salt Lake City, UT (175 miles). These locales offer world-class healthcare, education, dining, sporting events, cultural and recreational amenities including skiing, mountain biking, hiking and snowmobiling.
Also of note is a historic pattern of mitigation acquisitions in the area by the BIA, Agrium and Bayer Monsanto. These acquisitions have provided added value to land in the area in recent years.
The Brown Farms are exceptionally managed. The Brown Family’s devoted stewardship is evident by the land’s consistent productivity and aesthetic beauty. The Family’s respected pedigree of expertise in malt barley production adds intrinsic value for the next owner of this fine agricultural operation.

Perschon Parcel Photos – SOLD ON JULY 9, 2021

Contains Approximately 274 Acres of Tillable Dry Farm Land and 406 Acres of Sub-Irrigated Meadow Pasture.

Offered at $1,550,800 Cash.

Nathel’s Parcel Photos

Contains Approximately 450 Acres of Tillable Dry Farm Land.

Offered at $1,080,000 Cash.

Godfrey-Cook Parcel Photos

Contains Approximately 194 Acres of Tillable Dry Farm Land.

Offered at $465,000 Cash.

Christensen Parcel Photos

Contains Approximately 353 Acres of Tillable Irrigated Land and 62 Acres of Pasture Land.

Offered at $1,548,400 Cash.  *NOTE* At this time the Christensen Parcel is only offered for sale to buyers offering to purchase all of Brown Farms in a single transaction.

School House and DeKay Parcel Photos

School House Parcel Contains Approximately 180 Acres of Tillable Dry Farm Land.

Offered at $432,000 Cash.

DeKay Parcel Contains Approximately 615 Acres of Tillable Dry Farm Land.

Offered at $1,476,000 Cash.

Brown Farms Fall Harvest Photos

Brown Farms Aerial Photos