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This Could Be It – only 155 miles from Salt Lake City and about 70 miles north of Evanston – almost adjacent to Cokeville – population 500.


The Bailey Place is located in the midst of Southwestern Wyoming’s renowned big-game hunting region and could be transformed into an enjoyable recreational base for adventures into millions of acres of nearby public land.


It’s privately controlled frontage on the Smiths Fork will provide untold hours of quiet renewal – sometimes punctuated by the delightful squeals of little granddaughters catching (or being caught by) their first Bonneville cutthroat or German brown trout.


The Bailey Place is far away from the congestion and exhausting pace of the Globe’s increasingly confusing metropolitan morasses.


This attractive block of land is a blank palette with no expensive or poorly-executed improvements to swallow and then tear down.


Pine Creek Ski Resort – with 30 runs – is only seven miles east.  Elevations run from 6,875′ up to 8,200′.  Some call it a “private mountain” reminiscent of Brighton Ski Resort near Salt Lake City.


For those fortunate enough to fly private aircraft, the Evanston Airport is jet-capable:  100′ x 7,300′ runway – jet and 100 LL fuel –
70,000-pound double-wheel weight.


This small ranch possesses strong Wyoming Territorial water rights which are intact but have not been properly utilized for a number of years.  For those interested in raising hay, wheat and barley, or in pasturing some cattle along with favorite saddle horses the resource is in hand for development of either wheel-line or pivot irrigation systems.


Additionally, the Cowboy State’s personal income tax structure is most attractive and social costs are, by comparison, almost negligible.


Competitively offered at $1,320,000 – about $5,580 an acre – the Bailey Place represents an attractive opportunity to create a special recreational legacy holding that is within comfortable reach for family and friends.



Bailey Place Location Map

Bailey Place Location Map

Bailey Place Parcel Map