Saskatchewan, Canada – 25,360 Acres + Machinery & Equipment
  • $23,500,000 CAN
  • 14,940 Deeded Acres
  • 10,420 Leased Acres

The Offering Price Includes $2,000,000 in Machinery & Equipment.

Could comfortably summer graze about 8,000 yearlings for 4 to 5 months or handle 1,500 brood cows + 200 replacement heifers + 100 bulls on a year ’round basis with good management.  Currently about 5,000 acres are cultivated for winter feed and cash crops.

In 2013, consultants identified about 2,500 acres of aggregate resource and estimate approximately 40,000,000 tons of high quality gravel, rock and rip-rap could be marketed over 10 to 20 years.  The Ranch sold about $140,000 worth of gravel on a “quiet” basis in 2013.

This extraordinary holding offers an under-stated owners lodge and three guest cabins. Abundant numbers of moose, elk and deer frequent the Ranch – goose hunting is superb – walleye and pike fishing is plentiful.

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