Near Snowville, Utah – 7,027 Acres
Ward Ranch at Dilly Spring is over 7,000 acres of Utah property for sale.
  • $2,900,000
  • $47,000 Grain Subsidy & CRP
  • Good Mule Deer Hunting

Primarily a dry-farm operation with spring and fall grazing for cattle plus good mule deer hunting. The land types are as follows: 1,496 acres of producing crop land + 1,061 acres in the Conservation Reserve Program + 4,470 acres of range land. Grains are hard red winter wheat, safflower and barley. Current federal payments are approximately $29,780 from CRP + $18,920 from grain base allotments totaling $47,700. . .we call this a “land bond”. . .offered at $412.64 an acre – this Utah ranch for sale works well for a full-time farmer-rancher or for the non-resident investor.

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A Google Earth file (.kmz) showing a satellite terrain view of this property is included when you request more information for this offering.