Tooele County, Utah – 52,000 Total Acres
  • $4,000,000
  • Good Winter Range Land
  • Good Livestock Water

Here’s a great opportunity for a bona fide financially-qualified ranching outfit to sure cheapen up the winter side of its operation!

Comprised of 6,500 acres of deeded range land + 42,180 acres of BLM and USFS land + 3,280 acres of State land, this big block of winter range has historically carried about 550 head of brood cows from November 16th through May 31st. Good livestock water and fencing with easy paved access for trucking cattle. Federal and state grazing fees currently total about $6,000.00 and the real estate taxes are at $660.00 – 10 cents an acre.

Here’s the math: $125.00 a ton for hay at two tons per cow = $250.00 for winter feed – real ranchers can save alot of $$$ with this resource!