This is one of the most attractive, productive, and easy-to-operate summer operations to surface in many years.
The Ranch owns 161 acres of deeded land straddling the fabled Henrys Fork for half-mile and has irrigation rights for about 130 acres.
A private-use Forest Service summer grazing allotment provides enviable grass for 375 cow-calf pairs from July 11 to September 1 is located two miles west.
Additionally, a private-use Idaho State grazing lease containing about 668 acres rounds out this enjoyable holding.
Most of this lease adjoins the deeded land and contains another half-mile of quiet, productive fly-fishing on the Henrys Fork – all adjoined by The Nature Conservency’s Flat Ranch Preserve which contains another two miles on this productive trout stream.
The Ranch’s deeded land plus the USFS Allotment and State Lease can comfortably graze about 425 pairs from mid-June through October.
The Henrys Fork Ranch will position it’s next owner in the heart of one of the Rocky Mountain West’s finest outdoor recreational cornucopias. No buildings on the place so it’s a blank canvas.